Restitution of Nazi Looted Art
    English Version 2008

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  Nazi Looted Art
Guidebook Art Restitution World-Wide

Expanded, updated English Version 2008

The time is ripe for the first definitive work on art restitution worldwide.

This book is an indispensable information source for museums, former and current art owners, art dealers and anyone with an interest in art history.

Finally, an art historian and attorney who have been working together in the field for 15 years give clear answers to the urgent open questions on looted art.

The English Version Will Be Published for the Anniversary Ten Years Washington Conference (1998-2008)

Thoroughly revised, updated and expanded edition with 150 examples from recent restitution cases.

Nazi Looted Art: A Handbook of Art Restitution Worldwide by Gunnar Schnabel and Monika Tatzkow

Softbound edition, approx. 700 pages Price €49.80, US $72.00 excl. of shipping

proprietas-verlag, Berlin ISBN

Expected publication date: December 2008

Press to German Version:

"From now on, people can't say they didn't know: Monika Tatzkow and Gunnar Schnabel elucidate the worldwide legal situation on art restitution."
Die Welt, 5 March 2007

"A new manual entitled Nazi Looted Art aims to make restitution easier.”
Spiegel online, 1 May 2007

“Two Germans illuminate the practice of art restitution worldwide."
Focus, 46/2006

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