Restitution of Nazi Looted Art
    English Version 2008

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    German Version 2007

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    English Version 2008

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Gunnar Schnabel
Gunnar Schnabel
Born 1962

Gunnar Schnabel

  • Studied law in Heidelberg and Berlin
  • Lawyer in Berlin since 1991, Specialist in restitution matters
  • Author of numerous articles and publications on property and restitution law
  • Co-Editor of the Journal of Restitution Claims
  • (Zeitschrift offene Vermögensfragen) since 1993
  • Represented former owners in a number of landmark decisions
  • before the highest German courts
  • Area of concentration since 1998 is art restitution worldwide and filing of claims
  • Legal representation of former owners and current owners

  • Gunnar Schnabel
    Dr. Monika Tatzkow
    Born 1954

    Dr. Monika Tatzkow

  • Studied history at Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Doctoral dissertation in 1986 on the fate of private industry in the GDR
  • Historian at the Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin
  • NATO Research Fellow from 1990-91 in area of democratic institutions
  • Established Dr. Tatzkow & Partner, Research and Documentation Services
  • Regarding Restitution Matters, Berlin, since 1992: research for major decisions of
  • the highest German courts (on foreign assets in 1945-49, expropriations by the
  • occupying powers and in the GDR); investigations in the context of "Swiss gold";
  • Research into looted art since 1998 (investigations resulted in the first instances
  • worldwide of works of art being returned to their former owners – in accordance
  • with the Washington Principles – in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein)
  • Worldwide research (USA, Switzerland, England, Russia), cooperation with former
  • owners and current owners (particularly museums) in all major countries
  • publications on expropriations in East Germany/GDR, Jewish entrepreneurs
  • and art collectors, first exhibition showcasing an art collection that was lost due
  • to Nazi persecution at the Jewish Museum, Berlin, 2004.